Getting into Google – Not is all as it seems

Today I checked my Google Analytics and found out that my previous post “The Top Five Best Fonts for Web” was in the top ten in Google for the following terms:

“best blog font” and “best font for web”

I had one visit for each term and to be honest I was a little excited because 1. I only posted this post 2 days ago and already it is in Google, and 2. I’m on page one on Google!

Now, we all know that getting on page one on Google doesn’t mean much if nobody is searching for those terms, but I think getting into the top 10 of Google for terms we didn’t even think about and without even trying, that is something. Don’t you think?

The terms “best blog font” and “best font for web” aren’t all that vague and I think it may be possible that more than one person would search for those terms. Afterall, if you were looking for what the best fonts for web are, wouldn’t you use one of those terms?

Unfortunately, adding an “s” onto font leaves me nowhere to be seen.

The important thing to remember is when trying to get into Google is getting on page one for “small blue socks in wigan lancashire” is far less insignificant than getting on page one for “socks” – but if we did it without even trying, isn’t that something?