Adobe Creative Suite Licence Tour ’07

Last month I went to an Adobe seminar, where they showed us the new features of the CS3 Package. I went there in the hopes of learning something new and exciting. They did show us alot of the new features in Photoshop CS3 Extended that looked pretty nifty, but as yet I haven’t had the oppurtunity to try them out as I don’t have that particular version.

One thing I was dissapointed about was the ignorance of one of the presenters. He completely disregarded the fact that designers CAN code in HTML/CSS. He showed us a couple of things in Dreamweaver using Dreamweavers built-in code generators (!), then wen’t on to tell us “Don’t worry, you won’t have to touch any of the code, Dreamweaver will do it for you”. He spoke to us like we didn’t have a clue, when almost all of us there (probably) were professional web designers!

I received an email earlier asking me to fill in a survey about the day, and in the additional comments section I added this:

I was dissapointed in one of the presenters who showed ignorance to the fact that web designers actually code in HTML/CSS etc.

Being shown how to create a bit of HTML code to me seemed tedious. Especially as they used Dreamweavers built in code generator instead of hand-coding!

There are some people who do actually know how to design AND code – perhaps he’d better realise that before his next presentation.

I wonder if anyone else felt annoyed enough to write a comment like that? Or maybe it’s just me 😉