A Design Tool You Cannot Live Without

Since Internet Explorer 7 came out I was using this version, along with FireFox, to test all my websites.

I was naive and was under the impression that anything that displayed correctly in IE7, would display correctly in IE6 and other previous versions. Oh, how wrong I was.

I wanted to install IE6 back on my PC but didn’t want to uninstall IE7, so I was in a pickle as to what to do. I didn’t just want to assume all my websites look great in IE6 because they did in IE7, and I know that a huge majority of Internet users are still using IE6.

It was then, that I came accross this great program: MultipleIE. This program is a must have for any web designer as it installs Internet Explorer versions 3 to 6 on your PC, without having to uninstall version 7.

The Top Five Best Fonts for Web

Whilst deciding on what font to use for a new web design project, it occured to me that I always use pretty much the same font everytime.

It’s inevitable that the same few fonts will be chosen again and again because not all computers will have those “special” fonts installed, but in my case, even though there are a selection of “safe” fonts to choose from, I always undoubtedly end up choosing “Lucida Sans Unicode”, or “Trebuchet MS”.

Now, you may be wondering why I’ve chosen “Tahoma” for this site if I always end up selecting “Lucida Sans Unicode” and “Trebuchet MS”. The simple answer to that question is: I wanted to try something different.

Don’t get me wrong, “Tahoma” is a widely used font and undeniably an “old-school” font (I remember using it when I first started dabbling in web design nearly ten years ago!), but at the moment there are so many blog sites using “Lucida Sans Unicode” and “Trebuchet MS” that I thought I’d try and break away from those fonts.

So, this all leads me to list off my Top Five Best Fonts for Web.

1. Lucida Sans Unicode

2. Trebuchet MS

3. Tahoma

4. Georgia

5. Arial

This is my opinion only – please feel free to add comments and let me know what your favourite fonts are!