Upgrading WordPress Plugin

Recently the company I work for have taken over the running of a blog. The blog hadn’t been updated since last April, and the version it was running on was a very old version.

I was tasked with upgrading the blog to the current version and I wanted to do it quickly and efficiently.

After surfing the Internet I came accross a great plugin that upgrades wordpress for you.

Download “WordPress Automatic Upgrade”.

When running this plugin please be aware that it creates a backup folder in your root directory called “wpau-backup” which is accessible for writing to. You may want to rename this folder and change the permissions to 444, or you can delete it (I’d advise you download a copy before doing this).

All in all though, this plugin allowed me to upgrade wordpress automatically within 5 minutes, and it will alert me when a new version of wordpress is available, to which it will upgrade automatically too.

11 thoughts on “Upgrading WordPress Plugin

  1. I reckon it is time for me to install the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. Until now I have done the upgrades manually. An upgrade plus also manual back-up takes longer than the 5 minutes you mention. Thanks Emma

  2. Yeah I’ve manually backed up before and I found it to be a headache. Not because it was hard work – but because I kept worrying whether I’d backed up all my stuff correctly or if I’d upgraded correctly etc.

    I definately recommend this plugin – it saves alot of headaches 🙂

  3. I have installed that and I think the is the best plugin to have with wordpress installation. I am wondering that why they don’t include it as a built-in or pre-loaded module with basic installation package? It should be there.

  4. Although upgrading manually is not a big task to do as we have to save only wp-content and wp-config.php. Just replace all other files with new versions and go to upgrade. Anyways I’ll like to have that plugin.

  5. Okay… nice plugin, but what is the best way to install this plugin? I heard that installing plugin straight from wordpress upload plugin is not safe… and it is recommended that uploading the plugin manually to the server… is this true?

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