A Design Tool You Cannot Live Without

Since Internet Explorer 7 came out I was using this version, along with FireFox, to test all my websites.

I was naive and was under the impression that anything that displayed correctly in IE7, would display correctly in IE6 and other previous versions. Oh, how wrong I was.

I wanted to install IE6 back on my PC but didn’t want to uninstall IE7, so I was in a pickle as to what to do. I didn’t just want to assume all my websites look great in IE6 because they did in IE7, and I know that a huge majority of Internet users are still using IE6.

It was then, that I came accross this great program: MultipleIE. This program is a must have for any web designer as it installs Internet Explorer versions 3 to 6 on your PC, without having to uninstall version 7.

6 thoughts on “A Design Tool You Cannot Live Without

  1. You could always run the IE6 Virtual PC from Microsoft, it’s free (but fairly weighty to download and store) and has the advantage of allowing you to use the developer toolbar.

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