Posted on 8 July 2014

Conversion Culture were looking for a Brochure Business Card for their small business. I designed the website for them, which they wanted to use with the nifty script fullPage.js. Keeping in mind the logo of the company I chose sharp colours for their branding to make their logo and site stand out, and designed the site bearing in mind the technical requirements that would be needed for use with fullpage.js. I also made sure to use perfect illustrations that demonstrate what the company does effectively. From there, Paul from Suedeapple took the designs provided as layered PSDs, and coded it to a fully responsive website, using fullPage.js.

Posted on 19 May 2014

Generation Fashion is a modelling contest for a German shopping centre. Working with 21 Media and Suedeapple, I was provided the design for this which I coded and implemented into a WordPress theme. The site is also responsive which means it looks good on mobile phones, tablets and PC’s.

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Planitopia were looking for a new design for their website, which serves as a travel social network where users can sign up and blog about their travels, share photo’s, make new friends etc. but also as a place where you can book holiday’s to interesting destinations around the world. I really enjoyed designing this one as I have a passion for travelling.

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Jordan Hall wanted a new design for his blog in which he blogs about programming, photography, and any projects he had ongoing. I enjoyed designing this one as it was different to the usual looking blogs out there.

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Best Beer Online wanted a design for their new website which is a social network for beer lovers, which allows beer lovers to rate and review beers. The main purpose of the site was to serve as a place where you can buy different beers from all over the world. This was a fun website to design.

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frá Skoti are an Icelandic Horse Farm based in The Netherlands, run by twin sisters who are enthusiastic about horses and their farm. They wanted a website design that encompassed that feeling. This was a design contest at 99designs which the design I did won. I enjoyed designing this one as I love animals.

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The Thurman Cafe is a restaurant in Columbus, US, who are well known for their burgers. They wanted a website design that allowed users to see what other people were saying about their burgers, and allowed them to view their menu’s, and order apparel to wear that showcases The Thurman Cafe’s name. This was a client that used 99designs to get their website re-designed, and the design I did for them won. Overall I enjoyed designing this site, and it made me want to travel to the US to try one of their burgers!

Posted on 15 May 2014

If you’re looking for a new website but can’t afford to get a bespoke website created for your business, there are many sites available that offer pre-designed themes to apply to your wordpress site. WordPress is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that most people use these days which allow you to edit the content yourself without worrying about modifying the design.

One such site is There are 87 elegant wordpress themes to choose from, and when you register they’re all available for you to download to use on as many blogs / websites you own.

So, what’s the price for such a wonderful offer? Well, most premium wordpress themes can go for anything from $20 – $200, and that is just for one theme. With elegant wordpress themes you can get all 87 themes for just $69!

It’s $69 per year but any theme that is added while you’re a member can be yours to download too. So, you may be paying for 87 themes when you first register, but if ten more themes are created within the first year those are available to you as well. So, you could in theory pay $69 for 97 themes!

I’ve tested a couple of the themes and they are pretty easy to use. If you do get stuck, however, there are instructions on how to use the theme included.

Also included with the themes are the PSD files (so you can edit it in Photoshop) and the plugins used for that particular theme.

All in all, I’d recommend you sign up to this site now while the price is so low – at $69 for 87 professional wordpress themes, I’d say that’s too good an opportunity to miss!

Visit the site now to register.

Posted on 10 April 2014

I designed and coded a website that sells Babydoll’s and other types of lingerie. The site was then put into WordPress so posts and pages can be added easily using its content management system. I really enjoyed designing this one.

Posted on 23 November 2010

The Barefoot Investor wanted a unique wordpress blog design that captured their image. This was a contest at, and unfortunately I didn’t win. However, it’s always good to have another design to add to my portfolio.

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